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Moving to Hong Kong? Congratulations. Our brand new guidebook will answer all your questions. Such as: what area to live in, how to find a helper, how to choose the right school, what to do in your spare time and much more besides. Uncover some of Hong Kong best kept secrets with our unrivaled guidebook series. Read more >>
The Netherlands. Land of windmills, cloggs and tulips. Start your exploration of the country with our guidebook to The Hague, including a section on the best places to explore around the country. Top tourist tips are complemented by a wealth of info on moving to and living in the city. Read more >>
We were the first publishing company to release a guidebook to Sudan after the country formally separated from the South - and our series to the country continues to be well-received by our readers. This African nation is one of the continent's most enchanting, and there really is only one guidebook you should use to explore it. Read more >>