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Guidebook to South Sudan

This is the first ever guidebook to be written about the world's newest nation. Explore the fabulous wildlife parks of South Sudan. Discover the many tribes that make up the country's cultural ethnicity. And set off on the road to discover one of the most exciting destinations in sub-Saharan Africa.

South Sudan offers some amazing experience for those that want to find them - and a people that have a generosity of spirit that it is difficult not to be touched by.

With this book you'll find everything you need to get the most out of your stay here:

  • how to find a place to stay
  • cultural and sporting activities that are going on
  • how to get around
  • local customs and habits
  • guide to learning Juba Arabic
  • detailed chapter on living and working in the country
  • business tips and etiquette
  • sight-seeing tips
  • restaurant reviews
  • tips on staying safe
  • and much, much more!
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