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Who we are

Our country guides reach parts of the country that other guidebooks simply cannot reach.

They contain all the information that you would expect from a travel guide - detailed information on where to eat, museums, activities and nightlife, accommodation options, details about how to travel around - but also much, much more: how to find a place to stay, a detailed overview of the different areas of the city and all those little tips that only a local with an open mind and a determined curiosity knows.

A growing number of people are choosing to experience new cultures not just on vacation but through living and working in a particular part of the world Guidebooks as they were seen when they were invented now need something more.

This is why we have pioneered a unique set of guidebooks that are researched by people who have spent time actually living in, and not just visiting, the places that they are writing about. So that they have experienced first-hand everything they write about.

Our researchers have actually gone though the experiences that those moving to a new place may face: looking for a job, renting an apartment, buying a house and all the other cultural experiences that do not come from just a brief visit like in most other guidebooks.

Our authors have an open mind. They like travelling, exploring and understanding other cultures. They have an eye for those small details that matter and they are interested in trying and tasting everything.

All updates to our titles are made through extremely detailed on-the-ground research. We do not cut corners. We make sure that we re-visit every place that we have written about, to make sure that nothing has changed. We do not just rely on Internet or phone calls. We actually go to the places — even those places that are a really, really long way away.

Our guidebooks are focused on the main city where expats/foreigners are likely to end up living. But we also believe it is important to provide information on those areas nearby, because this is where our readers may end up staying or living.

We go further afield, too — showcasing those parts of the country that we believe are really not to be missed, so you can plan sightseeing weekends or longer trips away.

Above all, our researchers have an enduring enthusiasm for the country that they have chosen to write about — and it is this enthusiasm that permeates throughout the pages of our guidebooks.